About Us

The founders Jane and José not only share a long and heartfelt friendship, but also a passion for maxi dresses, which lead to the founding of Eywasouls Malibu in 2018. With years of background in fashion, drawing inspiration from the free-spirited lifestyle, and being conscious of the world the future generations will inherit, they began to create sustainable dresses with carefree elegance in flattering fits.
Since 2019 Kimi is part of the team as creative director. By creating and maintaining the vision for the products and branding such as shooting all the look books, she has helped taking Eywasouls Malibu to the next level.

Eywasouls Malibu designs pieces made of selected fabrics and unique prints inspired by the blue ocean waves, the golden sands of the beaches and the bohemian lifestyle. Through high quality and timeless designs each item is intended to be collected thoughtfully, treasured and worn over seasons and years to come. Every piece is unique and tells its own story, just like the people they are named after: friends, family, icons and buyers of Eywasouls Malibu.

There’s something so comforting about slipping into a beautiful maxi dress and feeling instantly glammed up. Whether you’re heading out to the beach, to work, for a date night, running errands, or lounging about at home; the dresses will take you through all your days and nights.

To expand the range of light-hearted and stylish pieces, Eywasouls Malibu recently introduced new products such as jumpsuits, sportswear and loungewear besides the signature line of dresses. All items are casual yet elegant, sophisticated, but not pretentious — Malibu Lifestyle par excellence.